The stock has been simmering on the stove for hours. Onions are caramelizing in a sauté pan and there’s fresh basil on the cutting board. Homemade granola toasts in the oven and fresh berries rinse in the sink. You wake up from a nap to feed your baby. I offer you a nourishing mug of broth or ceremonial cacao while you and baby settle on the couch. The air in your home is bursting with sweet and savory scents. You come into the kitchen with your baby and we chat about the things on your mind. I finish up a stew and make you a snack before moving on to the next dish.

Why this matters

Different cultures around the world have different traditions and practices when it comes to the postpartum period. However, many of these cultures agree that the first forty days, or six weeks, is a time when the birthing parent is as vulnerable as the newborn. It is a time for both parent and baby to be nurtured and fed.

Unfortunately, many Western countries see the first forty days as a time to host guests who want to meet the baby. It is a time for the parent to ‘get back to’ their pre-pregnant body. It is a time of exhaustion and depletion.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Allowing someone to cook for you, someone who knows which foods will heal a body recovering from labor and birth, is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

Whether you adhere to a specific diet (vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and so on) or not, it can be difficult delegating friends and family to bring meals over or order take-out. By investing in this service, you tailor each meal to your liking knowing that it is providing you with optimal postpartum nutrition. You are equipping yourself with a necessary tool that will allow you to have the energy required to take care of your baby.

If you would like to present this service as a gift to a postpartum family, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

how it works

CONSULTATION: After filling out a questionnaire detailing your dietary needs and preferences, I will set up a meeting with you at your home to go over your customized menu and familiarize myself with your kitchen and tools.

PREP DAY: This day is set aside for grocery shopping and washing/prepping the ingredients for Cook Day, as certain items may need to sit overnight or would otherwise take up too much time and space on Cook Day.

COOK DAY: I will create all the meals you selected and store and label them with ingredients and reheating instructions.

$350 plus cost of groceries for one week of meals

* You may set a budget for groceries, but please understand it is part of my practice to use fresh, local, in season produce and organic, ethically produced animal products whenever possible, which often come at a higher price.

* Payment plans and half-week sessions available upon request


a few of my favorite things

Ribollita Soup

My take on this Tuscan classic is warming, revitalizing, and versatile. I never make it the same way twice.

Vegetable Barley Stew

While it's rich and soothing, the use of bright vegetables and fresh herbs gives it a beautiful paradox of lightness.


I spent the last three weeks of 2016 in Israel and have not gotten this dish out my head since. It will simply never be as good as those I had in the hole-in-the-wall, open-air cafés of Jerusalem, but we do our best.

Loaded Avocado Toast

The trick is to use really good bread and as Ina Garten says, "Good olive oil." Be intuitive about this one. Whatever feels right, put it on top. I recommend tomatoes, basil, and an egg, over easy

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Asian Slaw

Honestly, this dish is genius. It's everything your mouth and body crave - crunchy, juicy, crisp, soft, salty. Loaded with protein and tons of antioxidants, anti inflammatories, and all the vitamins and minerals that come from this recipe's wide array of raw vegetables.