My birth work is for all identities and all bodies.

I am here for you to be heard. I am here for you to be seen, respected, loved, and supported. While I come into this knowing all I know about birth and postpartum, you come knowing all you know about yourself. Let’s make this transitional time in your life an experience that makes sense and feels right for you. If choreographing dances in early labor is what you need, we will make it happen. If taking a private moment to let go of some tears feels right, I will give you the space.

Mindful. Intuitive. Holistic.


Birth of the baby. Birth of the parent. Birth of the family.

During our time together, we will set up meetings to prepare for labor, birth, and postpartum, while also giving you the space to process your pregnancy. Preparing for this chapter in parenting looks different to each person and I work to create a flexible system that incorporates the support you need, which may include discussions about pain management techniques, how to advocate for yourself during labor, and ways to involve other members of your support team. Between these meetings, I am available through phone and email support 24/7 and will prioritize your birth by being on-call starting at 37 weeks. I work within a backup doula network to ensure you have continuity of care should I be unable to attend your birth. You will have access to my vetted list of educational references and community referrals. Starting at $850


Birth Expansion Pack

Choose one. Choose both. Heck, choose one, twice! The options are endless.


Feeding yourself can be hard, but it becomes increasingly more difficult when caring for a newborn, and yet it is one of the best things you can do to heal your body and prevent emotional and nutrient depletion. Prenatal meal prep can seem daunting, but with this plan, we will set aside one day for me to come to your home and make sure you are covered nutritionally for at least the first week or two postpartum. During the day we will:

  • Prepare 4 freezable meals

    • Labeled with ingredients and reheating instructions

  • Create a grocery list so members of your support team can assist in keeping your home stocked with postpartum essentials

  • List of recipes for some quick, easy, nourishing meals you can make on your own

  • Discussion of postpartum nutrition - Understanding what your body needs during this time


Self care means something different to everyone. While part of this plan is for me to assist and guide you through relaxing activities, a big part of self care is to take care of your mental health. This means allowing yourself to open up and move through difficult emotions. Childbirth can often trigger feelings held tightly inside. This day is set aside for you to not only be nurtured but to give yourself the time and safe space necessary to reflect on your mental health before welcoming your baby into the world. I will be there to listen if/when you need to vent, make you a nourishing meal, and assist in relaxing activities of your choice.


Assemble your village


People say it’s stressful but rewarding. People laugh and say you’ll never sleep again. People say here, read this and don’t read that and you have to read this highly alarming article. People say you just have to get through it and it gets easier but also it goes fast and remember to slow down and enjoy it. People want to come over to look at the baby and bring gifts for the baby regardless of the physical and emotional state you are in.

The postpartum doula is sort of like a weed wacker to help you cut through all of it so you can develop your own parenting style with confidence. Newborns can be unpredictable and so can your reaction to parenthood. It can be messy and intense sometimes but I promise there is potential for some good laughs and really delicious food.


Hours will be set on a weekly basis based on what works for both of our schedules. A few things you can expect during our time together include (but are not limited to):

Emotional support, feeding support, babywearing assistance, laundry and other light housework, meal prep and snacks.

  • For a more extensive meal service, please click here.

Additional needs within scope may include sibling transition and play, caring for pets, light errand running



I stay with baby in a separate room and watch for feeding cues. If you are breast/chest feeding, I will bring your baby to you, or if you are bottle feeding, I will manage on my own. I will change the diaper and put them back to sleep. This allows for less of a disturbance for you and your partner so that you may sleep a little more and have greater energy during the day. Overnights are a separate fee of $35/hr.