kind words

“Words cannot express our gratitude for your actions throughout the entire endeavor of bringing our little girl into this world. From our first meeting to the last, and everything in between, you displayed unparalleled professionalism and commitment to our goals. Your performance helped give our family a healthy and strong start that will motivate us through the obstacles yet to come.

Though your role on the surface may have appeared to you as small in comparison to ours, make no mistake that your efforts were pivotal in making us feel relaxed and composed throughout the whole process.

There is no question that we would not, could not have had the same wonderful outcome without you.”

Ceili P

“Jodi was very supportive before, during and after my delivery. I was hoping to have a natural delivery without epidural, but I was afraid of the pain. Jodi provided lots of information on pain relief techniques. She also encouraged me to cope with the pain by saying pain is not suffering.

When I was in labor, she reminded me to focus on my breath and coped with one contraction each time.

At the hardest point when the pain peaked, she recognized the signs of pushing and called the doctors immediately before my family realized what was happening.

With the help of Jodi, I almost fulfilled my birth plan. She also visited me after I was discharged from the hospital and provided me with many postpartum recovery resources. I would recommend Jodi as a doula if you want a natural delivery with less medical help.”

Jinyu Z